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How to get in ghent


Belgium has two airports, the biggest being Brussels Airport. If you plan to take the train to get from Brussels Airport to Ghent, don’t forget to pay for the additional Diabolo fee, on top of your train ticket.

The second airport is Charleroi Airport, from here you can get to Ghent with the Flibco Shuttle bus.

Brussels Airport:

Charleroi Airport:


There are good connections to Brussels with Eurostar and Thalys from across the border.  When you arrive in Brussels-South (Midi), you can continue to Ghent with the local trains.
International trains:

National trains:


Eurolines has busses coming to Ghent daily from all around Europe.

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Moving around in Ghent

Ghent is a pretty cosy, small city. Locals walk or ride their bikes pretty much everywhere because everything is nearby.

Bus or tram

The Flemish public transportation is run by De Lijn.

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Rent a bike

You can rent a bike for the weekend, it’s not that expensive and much easier than walking or taking public transportation. There are several bicycle rental companies in the city, you can find them through the link below:


Taxis are waiting for you at the Gent-Sint-Pieters and Gent-Dampoort train stations, and at many other strategic locations around the city: Korenmarkt, Woodrow Wilsonplein (‘de Zuid’) and Flanders Expo. Of course you can also phone or preferably even reserve a taxi in advance. See more at:


Use the Park-and-ride parks outside the city of Ghent or use one of the many underground parking garages.


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