Mini Swede Swing Weekend

A razzle dazzle weekend in Ghent...


DJ Kris

Kris has been collecting music for about 20 years. But the real interest in swing, jazz & blues and it’s history came with discovering and dancing the Lindy Hop. That really made Kris dig deeper in the fascinating world of swing music.

Kris started his DJ career about 6 years ago at local events in Gent (Belgium) where he also was a dance teacher in the Lindy Hop scene. DJ’ing and dancing brought him to several places in Europe, like Harlem Festival, Prague Spring Swing Festival, Lindy Shock, Herräng Dance Camp, Snowball, ESDC, Cirque du Solo, Smokey Feet Festival, Crazy Swing Camp and his “home event” Gentse Hoppers Exchange.

Kris loves trying to build up the energy on the floor or keeping itintimate with the best of slow drag. Creating the biggest possible fun for feet and soul, that’s what he aims for :)

DJ Frida a.k.a. Night Train

Frida is one of the more active swing DJ’s in Stockholm and a popular house DJ at their renowned Chicago Swing Dance Studio, where she’s involved in many ways; as a teacher, club organizer and member of the Harlem Hot Shots. She began DJ’ing in 2010 and besides keeping her hometown swinging, she’s been playing regularly at Herräng Dance Camp, as well as various swing festivals around Europe.

Frida discovered jazz in her early teens and it was the music that brought her into swing dancing—a passion that definitely has given color and range to her library and choice of tunes. Most of all she loves a good solid swing, but she’s not afraid to step out of the box when the mood is right; big-headed Bebop, hot tempered Rhythm ’n’ Blues, Cuban Mambo and low down dirty Blues are all genres close to her heart.