Mini Swede Swing Weekend

A razzle dazzle weekend in Ghent...


Friday: TBA


Saturday: Hornsgatan Ramblers

Saturday night will be smokin' hot, cause we're inviting the Hornsgatan Ramblers to set the place on fire!

Hornsgatan Ramblers concists of swing dancers. One day they decided that they wanted to do more than just dance to the music, so they started playing it. Everything they do has the spice of the more or less legal ballrooms of New York in the thirties and forties – mixed with a dose of street jazz.

Several of the band members dance in renowned swing dance companies Harlem Hot Shots and Midnight Rounders. Some of them teach swing dancing, and have won and judged numerous dance contests all over the world. The name comes from a street in the neighbourhood in Stockholm where most members work and live.

Hornsgatan Ramblers 1.jpg

Sunday: Swing & Slow drag after-Party  - TBA