Mini Swede Swing Weekend

A razzle dazzle weekend in Ghent...


Friday: Hop Sh Bam DELUXE

Among dancers, Ghent is well known of having a vast jazz culture ranging from jazz clubs to excellent musicians. One of them, a very special Jazz lady, is very well known in Belgium and beyond : Marie-Anne Standaert. She teaches a new generations of musicians at the Ghent music academy and leads several bands like Boutons de Nacre, Misstriohso, bigband ‘t Mouvement, etc.

Her best known formation among dancers is The Hop Sh Bam Connection : This excellent swing formation brilliantly guided by Marie – Anne plays all over the world for swing dancers: The World Jam (Madrid), Brux (Brussels Exchange), Barcelona Lindy Exchange, Crazy Swing Camp (Belgium) Shake that Swing (Paris), etc. , you name it !

Looking for a way to expand her sound even further, Marie-Anne created a DELUXE version of her line-up: more horns, more steaming riffs, more variation in sound, more tremendous soloists, more colors, more spirit, more grooves ... Double the number of musicians for more of bigband sound. ! WOW !

This band plays the real swinging stuff from the the early 20’ties to the late 50'ties. The biggest inspiration comes form the sounds of the repertoire of the marvelous NYC ballrooms that we all love, like the Savoy Ballroom or Roseland Ballroom, etc.

They play the beautiful melodies of the swing –era, but also some riff - tunes of the exciting bigband charts , or even some tunes of the new Orleans repertory. This band will set the dance floor on fire: The Hop Sh’ Bam Connection DELUXE !

Photo by Anne Deknock

Photo by Anne Deknock

Saturday: Hornsgatan Ramblers

Saturday night will be smokin' hot, cause we're inviting the Hornsgatan Ramblers to set the place on fire!

Hornsgatan Ramblers concists of swing dancers. One day they decided that they wanted to do more than just dance to the music, so they started playing it. Everything they do has the spice of the more or less legal ballrooms of New York in the thirties and forties – mixed with a dose of street jazz.

Several of the band members dance in renowned swing dance companies Harlem Hot Shots and Midnight Rounders. Some of them teach swing dancing, and have won and judged numerous dance contests all over the world. The name comes from a street in the neighbourhood in Stockholm where most members work and live.

Hornsgatan Ramblers 1.jpg

Sunday: Marie Anne Standaert and her midnight jammers

Sunday, we like it cosy, slow, but also swinging & hot! And who else can bring that swing, then our own Marie-Anne Standaert!

This will all take place in the lovely Missy Sippy, Ghents well known blues bar. We’re gonna make Whoopee!